Great job to all of our teams at Nationals!

Great job to all of our teams at Nationals!
Congratulations to our teams this year at Nationals!
USAV Girls Junior National Championships Results:
m.81 - 9th National
m.82 - Did not attend, but qualified American
m.71 - 11th OPEN
m.72 - 13th American
m.61 - 5th OPEN
m.51 - 5th OPEN
m.52 - 3rd USA
m.53 - 31st American
m.41 - 5th National
m.31 - 13th National
m.32 - 39th American
m.21 - 21st American
AAU Girls National Championships Results:
m.42 - 31st Club
m.62 - 43rd Premier
Notable Achievements for 2018:
12 Qualified teams, 5 top 10 finishes, 1 podium
8 Teams reached a challenge match for silver/gold
4 Teams won to move on to the GOLD bracket and finished top 5
5 USAV All Americans, & 9 JVA All National Team Members
19 Overall Tournament wins by the club
65 Top 3 Finishes overall by the club
Congratulations to our 5 USAV All Americans!
Emily Londot & Scottee Johnson - 16 Open, m.61
Sydney Taylor - 15 Open, m.51
Makenna Belcher & Colleen Sweeney - 15 USA, m.52