This Week's Results: April 13th - 14th

Awesome jobs this weekend to all of our teams. We had SEVEN teams qualify for Nationals in Indianapolis!


m.21 - American Division, 3rd
m.31 - National Division, 2nd
m.41 - American Division, 4th
m.42 - American Division, 3rd
m.51 - National Division, 2nd
m.61 - National Division: WINNERS!
m.62 - American Division, 6th
OVR Bid:
m.11 - 3rd
m.22 - 17th
m.32 - 15th
m.43 - 10th
m.52 - 9th
m.53 - 31st
m.63 - 26th
m.72 - 8th
m.73 - 21st
Team Indiana Classic:
m.44 - 5th
m.45 - 9th
April 13th:
m.12 - 3rd
April 14th:
m.46 - 2nd
April 13th-14th:
m.54 - 7th