This Week's Results: April 27th - 28th

Great job to m.44 and m.45 at the Asics Showcase this weekend! For the first time all season they went head to head. The back and forth match went to 3 sets with m.44 winning 16-14 to take home 2nd place. We're so proud of their level of competition!

Awesome job to m.21 for taking home 2nd in Gold at the OVR Championships!

Our 18's teams finished out their season at Nationals finishing 27th and 17th. We're so proud of how far everyone on this team has come throughout their Mintonette Sports career. They will be missed, but we can't wait to see how they continue to grow through their college careers!

USAV Nationals:
m.81 - 27th, Open
m.82 - 17th, American

OVR Regionals:
m.01 - 15th
m.11 - 3rd
m.21 - 2nd, Gold
m.22 - 17th

Asics Showcase:
m.44 - 2nd
m.45 - 3rd
m.54 - 4th
m.64 - 6th

April 27th-28th:
m.33 - 13th

April 27th:
m.12 - 14th
m.13 - 9th

April 28th:
m.46 - 3rd