This Week's Results: February 8th-10th

SIX teams are walked away with hardware after the OVR Winterfest! Our m.51 and m.52 teams faced off making it an all Mintonette finals! Great job to all of our teams this weekend. We're so proud of everyone!
m.51 - 1st Open
m.52 - 2nd Open
m.41 - 1st Open
m.42 - 3rd Open
m.43 - 14th Open
m.31 - 1st Open
m.32 - 9th Open
m.21 - 3rd Open
m.22 - 15th Open
m.11 - 18th (12 Open)
Mt Gilead 
m.12 - 3rd
m.13 - 7th
k.41 - 1st
k.42 - 3rd
m.44 - 5th
m.45 - 5th
Ohio Valley Qualifier
m.81 - 8th Open
m.82 - 5th USA