This Week's Results: February 16th-18th

It was a busy weekend for our teams, taking home more hardware! Great job to everyone who played! 

Triple Crown:
m.41 - 51st
m.51 - 45th
m.61 - 3rd, now ranked 3rd in the country!
m.71 - 9th, now ranked 4th in the country!

Saint Louis:

Congratulations to the following who made the St. Louis President's Day Cup All Tournament team!

Jordan Brooks - m.62, 16 Open
McKenzie Hall - m.42, 14 Open
Emma Bebo - m.43, 14 Premier

m.31 - 3rd, Open
m.32 - 15th, Premier
m.33 - 8th, Club
m.42 - 5th, Open
m.43 - 5th, Premier
m.44 - 38th, Club
m.52 - 22nd, Open
m.53 - 31st, Premier
m.54 - 22nd, Club
m.62 - 7th, Open
m.63 - 14th, Premier
m.64 - 22nd, Club
m.72 - 15th, Open
m.73 - 27th, Club


m.34 - 17th
m.35 - 21st
m.46 - 13th

Other locations:
m.11 - 3rd
m.13 - 10th
m.55 - 17th