This Week's Results: Summerfest

Summerfest was a HUGE success for Mintonette this weekend!

Our first Summerfest Showcase had over 60 athletes and over 30 coaches in attendance. Several of our teams came home with some hardware. 

Great job to all of our teams! For some, this was the last tournament of the season. We had a great season and can't wait to start summer training to prepare for next year!

m.11 - 4th Club
m.21 - 20th Open (2nd, Bronze)
m.22 - 11th Club
m.31 - 3rd Open
m.32 - 7th Club (1st, Silver)
m.33 - 22nd Club
m.41 - 3rd Open
m.42 - 21st Open
m.43 - 3rd Premier
m.44 - 18th Club (2nd, Bronze)
m.45 - 15th Club
m.51 - 5th Open
m.52 - 25th Open
m.53 - 23rd Premier
m.54 - 11th Club
m.61 - 2nd Open
m.62 - 13th Open
m.63 - 25th Premier
m.64 - 19th Club
m.71 - 1st Open
m.72 - 25th Open
m.73 - 27th Premier