This Week's Results: March 22nd-24th

m.71 took home gold at the MEQs for the FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW to secure their spot to Nationals at the Open division. Our m.81 team also secured their spot Open spot to Nationals and double qualified this weekend!

Great job to m.46 for taking home Silver at Highland!

Great job to all of our teams that played this weekend. We can't wait to continue bringing home the hardware!

MEQ Indianapolis:
m.51 - 9th, Open
m.61 - 9th, Open
m.62 - 9th, USA
m.63 - 33rd, American
m.64 - 89th, American
m.71 - 1st, Open (qualified Open!)
m.72 - 9th, USA
m.73 - 61st, American
m.81 - 5th, Open (qualified Open!)
m.82 - 9th, Open

March 23rd: 
m.35 - 9th

March 24th:
m.01 - 2nd
m.44 - 11th
m.45 - 15th
m.46 - 2nd
m.54 - 3rd