Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

What should athletes bring to tryouts?
1. A printed copy of the athlete's USAV membership card, renewed for the current 2019-20 season.
2. A completed copy of the USAV Medical form
Copies of BOTH of these (that Mintonette Sports can keep) are REQUIRED. 

All athletes will receive their shirt when they check-in the day of tryouts. Otherwise, athletes should come dressed in whatever athletic apparel they would best be able to perform in. This may or may not include spandex shorts, kneepads, ankle supports etc. We also encourage athletes to bring plenty of water and possibly a snack if they plan on attending several tryouts the same day.

When should I arrive at tryouts?
Athletes should arrive at the beginning of their designated check-in time. This will allow you time to go through check-in, change into your tryout shirt, complete testing (age 13 & up) and get settled before we start. There will be a line so don't wait until the last minute to arrive!

Are parents allowed to stay and watch tryouts?
Parents are welcome to stay and watch tryouts. It is important for families to have all the information when making a decision about club. Parents being able to see the quality of our program and training as well as the other athletes that their child will be playing with is an important part of the club tryout process. The CVC does have limited seating available for spectators in the lobby. Due to limited off-court space in our facility, we are asking that parents view tryouts from lobby. Parents will not be permitted to stand or sit around the perimeter of the courts.

How do I know which tryout to attend?
For this 2019-20 club season, all of our tryouts are held by age-group. This eliminates the need for athletes to attend multiple tryouts. Athletes should attend tryouts based on the age classifications listed here.

How will I be evaluated at tryouts?
It is important to note that tryouts are not run the same as a training session. We will not be teaching any volleyball technique; only evaluating your skills, over-all athletic ability, and attitude. All athletes will go through a group warm-up. Afterwards, athletes may be divided into smaller groups based on position or level of team they are trying out for (ex. National or Regional). If you are not confident in a certain skill, it is important to always do your best. We are evaluating general athletic ability as well as your potential to be a good teammate. Near the end of tryouts, we may place athletes on a court together for more match-like situations. Athletes may be grouped together for a variety of reasons, not limited to strictly volleyball skills. These groups are not necessarily an indication of who will receive offers to join the club.

How do I know if I made a team?
After tryouts have concluded, coaches and club officials will put together the offers. Athletes will then be brought together to receive their offer envelopes. Athletes who are offered a spot in the club will receive an offer letter in their envelope. Athletes who are placed on the "Call Back List" will receive a letter in their envelope indicating such. ALL ATHLETES WILL RECEIVE AN ENVELOPE! If your daughter does not receive one, please have her see a coach immediately. Athletes have the option of opening their envelope immediatly or not. Some athletes choose to go to the car with their parents before they open their envelope.

What happens if I make a team?
About 15 minutes after offers are made, each team will have a quick meeting with their parents, coach and club director. This gives families a chance to see who else has been offered and to ask any immediate questions they may have. The next step is to accept your offer. Follow the steps in your offer letter to complete the online acceptace steps. Before you leave, be sure to try on the uniforms for sizing. 

What happens if I don't make a team?
Athletes who are not immediately offered a position in the club are placed on the "Call Back List". We will begin emailing athletes from this list to make offers as soon as positions become available. 

How much do the teams cost and what are the schedules for this season? 
The cost and tournament/practice schedules can be viewed in our Open House flyers.  

Do you have any winter only team options?
All of our club teams run through the spring. If you are looking for winter only options our camps & clinics would be the route to go. You can check out all sessions that are currently open for registration on our camps & clinics page.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletters to stay up to date on all upcoming camps & clinics.