2019-20 Teams

Below are the list of teams we expect to have for the 2019-20 club season. As we get closer to tryouts, we will update this page with more details on each team. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get updates on camps, Open House, and tryouts!

As a reminder, the m. teams are located out of our Powell, Ohio location. The k. teams are located out of our Mt. Gilead location, Kokosing Sports

This season, we are adding a new naming convention to some of our Powell teams! Our 14 & Under Regional division teams will be re-branded to "Junior Mints". These teams will have team names starting with "j.", followed by the standard age level numbers. While the names are changing, the quality of the teams and training are not! 

10's Age Group:

j.01 (Powell)
j.02 (Powell)

11's Age Group:

m.11 (Powell)
m.12 (Powell)

j.11 (Powell)
j.12 (Powell)

k.11 (Mt. Gilead)

12's Age Group:

m.21 (Powell)
m.22 (Powell)
m.23 (Powell)

j.21 (Powell)
j.22 (Powell)
j.23 (Powell)

k.21 (Mt. Gilead)
k.22 (Mt. Gilead)

13's Age Group:

m.31 (Powell)
m.32 (Powell)
m.33 (Powell)
m.34 (Powell)
m.35 (Powell)
m.36 (Powell)

k.31 (Mt. Gilead)
k.32 (Mt. Gilead)
k.33 (Mt. Gilead)

14's Age Group:

m.41 (Powell)
m.42 (Powell)
m.43 (Powell)
m.44 (Powell)
m.45 (Powell)
m.45 (Powell)

k.41 (Mt. Gilead)
k.42 (Mt. Gilead)
k.43 (Mt. Gilead)
k.44 (Mt. Gilead)

15's Age Group:

m.51 (Powell)
m.52 (Powell)
m.53 (Powell)
m.54 (Powell)
m.55 (Powell)

k.51 (Mt. Gilead)
k.52 (Mt. Gilead)
k.53 (Mt. Gilead)
k.54 (Mt. Gilead)

16's Age Group:

m.61 (Powell)
m.62 (Powell)
m.63 (Powell)
m.64 (Powell)

k.61 (Mt. Gilead)
k.62 (Mt. Gilead)

17's Age Group:

m.71 (Powell)
m.72 (Powell)
m.73 (Powell)

k.71 (Mt. Gilead)
k.72 (Mt. Gilead)

18's Age Group:

m.81 (Powell)
m.82 (Powell)

k.81 (Mt. Gilead)

Please note that all of these teams are subject to change.