About us

Mintonette Sports is a licensed member of the Ohio Valley Region of USA Volleyball. Our club teams compete at the top level both within the region and around the nation. We proudly "train" our athletes by focusing on ball handling and fundamentally sound technique. We have proudly built our reputation on developing the most well-rounded, talented athletes in the area and operating with integrity, class and respect. This is demonstrated in the number of our athletes who are recruited to college programs throughout the country. Our list of alumnae is the most impressive in the area and rapidly growing. 

Mintonette Sports works to provide the best volleyball training in central Ohio. We set out to teach not only the skills of the game of volleyball but also the personal attributes of leadership, a strong work ethic, responsibility, discipline and commitment. We welcome everyone (both athletes who have previous volleyball experience, and those new to the game). We promise to treat all of our athletes like young women not professional athletes. We expect volleyball to be a priority behind both family and school.

Quick Facts

Year Founded: 2006
Home Facility: Columbus Volleyball Center
Club Colors: Navy blue, Orange & Hawaii blue
Unofficial Mascot: Weiner Dog "Get Low"

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

What is Mintonette Sports?
Mintonette Sports is a volleyball club that carries club teams for athletes from younger than 10 to 18-years-old. Our teams compete around the state and country against other volleyball clubs and teams.

What does "Mintonette" mean?
Mintonette was the original name for volleyball when the sport was created back in 1895. Wikipedia

How is Mintonette Sports different from other clubs?
Mintonette Sports exists to serve three purposes: to promote the development of well-rounded, mature young adults, to provide access to higher education by preparing athletes to play at the collegiate level and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Unlike other volleyball organizations, the goal of Mintonette Sports is not strictly to develop volleyball players. Instead, we focus on developing the athlete into a responsible, respectful, hardworking member of a team. We use volleyball as a vehicle to teach young athletes skills that will help them socially, academically, and professionally throughout their life. Collegiate volleyball is also a great way for athletes to get some, if not all of their higher education paid for. Mintonette Sports best prepares its athletes for this opportunity.

Who plays for Mintonette Sports?
Mintonette Sports is proud of our diversity. We have athletes from 25 different school districts who compete for our club. We also have athletes ranging in age from 9 to 18. Additionally, we have dozens of athletes in the club with one or more family members that also play for Mintonette, including three sets of twins.

What do your team names mean?
The first number in the team name represents the age-group. So, m.21 is a 12's team, m.31 is a 13's team, m.41 is a 14's team. The second number represents the rank of the team within the age group. Our top teams receive a "1", second best team a "2" and so on. So, our top 15's team is m.51. Our next best 15's team is m.52. 

How much does it cost to play?
You can view the cost to play as well as the due dates for each payment on the team pages. 

How and when do I pay club dues?
An initial deposit of $1,000 or $500 is due with your contract. Monthly payments are then due until the balance is paid. If you would like to make seperate arrangements, please contact us at katie@mintonettesports.com.

What all is included in my club dues?
Club dues include your court rental fees for training, coaches' and trainers' salaries, tournament entry fees, part of your uniform package, registration fees, and coaches' travel expenses.

Who will my coach be?
Please view your team page to see who will be your coach.  If you do not know your team contact katie@mintonettesports.com